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With decades of injection molding line solution experience, Sino Holdings Group has contributed to not only the domestic market, but  also have broadcast fields around the world. In today's dynamic global economy, there is no standing still. Continuous innovation and decisive action are critical to stay ahead of the intensifying competition. As the biggest and most outstanding molding company in Huangyan - the mold town of China - we believe that paying back society is what we should do for a successful enterprise. And it's the driving force behind today  SHG worldwide.

SHG service includes: plastic molding line solution, molding factory building solution, plastic moulds offering, plastic injection machine offering, turnkey project service and labour service which includes staff training and engineer support. We provide all kinds of plastic production line for you and your customers.

SHG has been a mold technologies leader in Taizhou for many years. Our catalog remains the industries broadest, the main thing we do and will continue to do is: continue to provide our customers with knowledge, expertise and service that can't be matched. We will never be satisfied and will strive to assist and accomodate our customers, and we're determined to help them succeed. That's why we never stop researching and developing new products and new technology. The only way to remain successful is to update and evolve your products, and that's what we do right now. 

20 years ago, Sino was just a small workshop, with less than 20 people working as a mould tooler. At the beginning, we gave our priority to quality and reputation. Five years later, Sino had the right to export and import, which was not very common during that time in China. During the first 10 years, Sino obtained 3 branch companies: Sino Mould, Dakumar Machine and Anole Injection Technology. In 2003, Sino Holdings Group came into being. Now, we are not just a mould maker anymore, but also a Chinese top machine supplier injection molding solution expert. We offer our customer the best plastic molding line. In the last few years, SHG also received numerous molding factory projects like the plastic molding factory building in Jordan, worth 5 million dollars. We helped our customers replace and update the injection equipment. We sent our best technical engineers to help them with building and assembleing. We not only offered products, but also the whole product line, as well as our complete trust. That's what we believe in! And till now, we have built 8 branch companies focusing mainly on plastic molding line solution and other fields that we have technical expertise in.

 At SHG, we're confronting the ever-changing marketplace by reinventing the way we do business. For moulds, we make a single mould, according to the processing, but not only limited to the quality control but also delivery time control. For machines, we can improve the efficiency and improve the quality of the products they're producing. We're focusing our plastic molding line manufacturing operations on specialized centers of excellence around the world. For other offerings, we're building strategic global partnerships to bring customers the highest-quality products at the lowest cost.

Today's SHG is also aggressively developing new products that help our customers capture emerging markets, advance environmental initiatives and more. Sino Holdings Groupe is the best plastic molding line and turnkey solution expert that you can count on. We appreciate your every suggestion and trust that all the SHG staff will continue updating to keep you satisfied and ahead of the curve.