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How to calculate the plastic product cost

The development of science and technology, the technology of plastics products is also in a rapid development.
Main plastic products are polyethylene and polypropylene as raw material, after a certain temperature and pressure and other manufactured products.
Plastic products such as plastic card board  will not deformation at room temperature, and very portable, to insulation, shock absorption, etc., using range is very wide.
So the cost of plastic products in general is how to calculate?
As a product, plastic crate cost  including mainly includes several aspects: plastic products, mould fee, electricity fee, artificial cost, etc.
The auxiliary materials of plastic products mainly have plastic, and auxiliary materials.
Contained in the main is polyethylene and polypropylene plastic, etc.
In addition, in order to improve the stability of the plastic and considerable, we usually add a line like plastic grain auxiliary materials, such as plasticizer, stabilizer, stains, etc.
These materials should be calculate in the cost .
Along with the progress of The Times, the plastic has become can be repeated used. now a lot of rubbish recycle bin will be plastic products loading alone, back to the processing company, to build a plastic products, such products in cost will be decreased, but the quality is lacking some slightly.
Because plastic products such as plastic crate is injection mould product,different plastic box the mould fee is very different.The mold material are metal and wood. 
After molding, there are some plastic products need to welding and adhesive.
Welding and adhesive needed supplies and electricity should be included in the cost.
In the process of production, the human demand is essential.
In addition to the injection molding, plastic turnover box need to surface of beautification, polishing, coating, paint, etc., for example, the artificial cost is also belong to the scope.
but the price of plastic product composition not only includes the four aspects of cost, in addition also includes the company's advertising and marketing costs, and store the rent and other fees.
So the plastic products we see price and cost difference is very big.
Of course, calculate  plastic products cost  is not invariable, with the development of technology, the cost of plastic products will be reduced.
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