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IML robot system|IML robot manufacturers in China.

Sino can provide our customer with I-M-L molding line, the injection machine, in mold labeling mould, I.M.L robot system. We can help customer to select the most suitable IML robot system according to different condition. Such as you have a machine or mould now, you can tell us the specific of the mold or injection machine, we will recommend you the best robot system.
IML robot system is consisted of stacking part, label feed gripper, vacuum sucker loop, label collecting and conveyor. There are two type of robot system. It is divide according to different working method, one is top enter robot, another is side enter system. Each has its own merits. Top enter type is simple in installation and have a favorable price. Side enter robot system have high working speed, because it can work both sides, with short cycle time and reliable working performance. How to choose these two types is according customer’s output. I.M.L robot system gripper is interchangeable, different size and shape product molds can use a same robot as long as the gripper changed into the corresponding size.
The opening stroke is an especially important factor for IML robot system chosen. IML molding line need a large opening stroke than other product molding. Because there should be enough space for robot working, put the label into the mold and pick out the product.
Sino can offer customer IML injection moulding line,IML robotic arm, if you have demand in this field, please kindly contact us.

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