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how to build a plastic molding factory & plant

As everyone knows,under this competitive international market,China has become the manufacturer of the whole wild world for the reason of cheap labor、various products.and as the open door policy in China,doing business with Chinese suppliers is getting easier and easier.And for plastic business,no matter you are a Plastic products maker or plastic mould maker or plastic machine maker.etc. we can all give you the best solution for your plastic molding factory & plant.SINO is a holdings group that specialized in plastic molding business,We mainly offer you the turnkey project and factory building is our outstanding offering compare to other companies.When you have an idea of building up your new business of plastic molding.SINO HOLDINGS is the one you can count on.We have over 20years on this field and so far,has worked for at least 15 whole line solution including the plant designing、plant building、staff training、engineers outputting and all the other related technology,How to build a plastic molding factory&plant?first of all.SHG will make a plan according to your requirements of your products、your yearly turnover、your target investment、your land size and some other basic information,SHG will take care of it from that on.we will offer the designing drawing of the machine display、how many and what models of the machine will be perfect for your plant.from the beginning,that's all you need to do,and we will make the whole production line out for you.we will offer you the best designing solution with a detailed drawing.In the drawing,we will tell you where you should put the sink,the vehicle path,the light and the fan location、the trash can place、the storage room and the walking path.plastic plant building is not a easy job but if you want to say,it is not a difficult at all.all you need to do is :trust us.and give us your faith,we will make everything happen and everything will be perfect for you and your business.